Hello there! Welcome to what was once CoolSims. I rebranded the site with my name, and all the hairs that were previously here are now sorted by gender and game so it's easier than before to find the one you're looking for :D

New exclusive hairs

If you're looking for my latest creations, you can get them here. Since late 2019 I started a Patreon page where you can find new hairstyles every week. Feel free to have a look at my page and if you like my stuff you can support me there ❤

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I hope you like what you see here, but if there's something not working properly, please, message me and I will try to fix it. I tried to build the website as good as I can but there might be some issues I missed. Thank you! ❤

Latest items

The Chromatic Collection is a big set of textures that allows you to make the combination of colours you want in game. It’s basically a DIY hair colours.

Since September 2020, all my Patreon hairstyles use this big set of textures, and they all come with special editions of the hairs such as bicolour and chunky, and more colour options for the base hairs, like roots and ombrè fades.

You can download the textures from this direct link, but if you want to learn more about it or download more awesome things check out my Patreon!

After all the hype with Chromatica, I had to make the hairs from Rain on me video. I did few ponytails and Ariana's wavy wet hair.

All hairs come with coloured strands of hair (found in hats category) so you can combine a base colour with any of the 60 colours I made for the strands.

Hope you like them!

Recent hairstyles

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