The Chromatic Collection

What is it?

The Chromatic Collection is a big set of textures that allows you to make the combination of colours you want in game. It’s basically a DIY hair colours.

How does it work?

It only works with specific hairstyles that have the coloured circle either on the hair preview or in CAS Thumbnail, and file name looks like this:

Anto_S4Hair_[hair number]_Chromatic1_[hair name]

The icon has a number inside, that corresponds to the version of the texture. For now there’s just one for straight texture, but in the future I might make more textures (like braids, curls) and I will differentiate them with another number.

Where do I find it?

The base colours are in the hair category, like they have always been. As for the ombré colours and roots, you can find them in HATS, GLOVES, RINGS. I did this just in case you want one accessory that is in the same category as the ombré colours or roots, so you can still use them.

File size

By now you must be thinking about purchasing another hard disk for the 300 textures included in this huge pack 😂, not to mention all the upcoming hairs using it. Good news for you, this collection will save you a bunch of megas. 

Currently my hairs include 60 HQ textures, so each hair weights around 50mb. The base HQ package has 100 textures, weights 98,7mb and it will work for ALL hairs that work with this collection. For that size, you could have 2 of my old hairs only, and now for the same space you can have waaaaay many. New hairs will weight around 4-5mb instead of 50-60mb. I hope I am explaining myself correctly, English is not my mother tongue.

Lastly, I asked you all the other day if you used HQ Mod or not, and since 80% of you don't, I resized the textures so you don't waste extra space, and the base package weights 28,5mb.

Too Many Colours

Now, the swatches. There are 100 swatches included in each hair, and for some of you it might be a lot. I recommend you using THIS MOD to increase the column number in your CAS, so they don't take half of your screen.

If you still don't want that huge amount of swatches, you can simply open the hair package (NOT the textures package) using Sims 4 Studio and THIS TUTORIAL.

Deleting swatches won't save you hard disk space, as the swatch is just a plain colour with some nerdy data inside 🤓. Just delete swatches if you don't want to see too many in your game.

If you have any question, please feel free to comment or message me ❤

What about older hairs?

They'll remain as they're now. They use specific alphas/highlights that might not be in the new textures, and to make them work would mean I'd need to edit the uvmaps of those meshes. That is a laborious task and doesn't guarantee a good result. Editing this new texture for them would mean that every file would be over 100mb and if we multiply that for all the hairs I have, you'd need to buy a new hard disk 😂. Feel free to recolour those old hairs to any colour you want. Sims 4 Studio forums have plenty of tutorials that might help you.


All posts related to The Chromatic Collection, including compatible hairs, can be found under this tag in my patreon.


  • 19/09/2020

    First release

  • 31/10/2020

    V1.1 - Updated CAS Thumbnail and new Bicolour/Chunky Textures

  • 12/11/2020

    V1.1.1 - Bicolour&Chunky now appear in gloves/rings too.

  • 28/02/2021

    V1.2 - Enhanced texture, colour slider compatibility and new textures without scalp

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